BlackBerry 10.1 update revealed

BlackBerry’s new flagship phone, along with a new operating system, has only be on the market for three months and the company is already working on an update to the BlackBerry 10 OS. The update will be available to developers this week (and to consumers after the Q10’s launch), and it incorporates several new features.

The update will be arriving with developers this week, and it hosts a great number of new features. (image: BlackBerry)

The most notable of these features is the inclusion of an HDR camera mode, APN editing is now enabled, and ‘Highlights” for text such as word correction on the keyboard are now green, instead of blue.

According to Engadget, “The Hub now supports contact suggestions, PIN-to-PIN messaging and email with attached messages; notifications are more refined as well, with per-account message notifications joining options to define sound volumes and vibrations for each contact.”

According to CrackBerry, the list of changes it brings along include:

* HDR option for taking photos

* PIN to PIN messaging now available and present in the BlackBerry Hub

* APN editing is now enabled (Though this may remain carrier based)

* ‘Highlights” for text such as word correction on the keyboard are now green, instead of blue

* ‘Text Picker’ has been improved, now allows for easily moving left and right between letters easier

* Sharing menu is now black, just like on the BlackBerry Q10

* New help demos and walkthroughs after initial boot

* Select All for broadcast messages is now available

* Ability to turn off alerts for specific applications

* Easier to check for updates in BlackBerry World

* Phone can be fully unlocked at lock screen now by the power button

* BlackBerry World now has options for coupon redemption

* Pasting of phone numbers directly into dialpad

* Installed apps can be opened from with BlackBerry World (No longer shows ‘installed’ now shows ‘open’)

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor