Neotel launches NeoSmart for small businesses

Neotel announced the launch of South Africa’s first mobile smart landline, NeoSmart. A product designed to revolutionise business by combining accessibility and connectivity with affordable fixed-line rates.

Sunil Joshi, MD & CEO of Neotel (image: Charlie Fripp)

Commenting on the launch of NeoSmart, Abid Qadiri Chief of Business Solutions and Excellence at Neotel said: “We are very excited to announce the arrival of the NeoSmart solution and the country’s first mobile smart landline. This innovative new offer shows our commitment to supporting South Africa’s growth by making businesses more productive.

NeoSmart delivers constant accessibility through a dual network smart phone to give customers connectivity to their landline and mobile number on a single smart device. This means that businesses of all sizes can take advantage of increased flexibility while drastically reducing their overall telecommunications spend. It means employees will always be connected, in or out of the office,” he added.

NeoSmart leverages both Neotel’s cost effective landline rates and newly launched FreeCallZone which offers free calls to all Neotel numbers within a selected zone. For a fixed monthly fee, businesses can now create their own FreeTalkZone which will allow employees to call each other for free whether they are in the same building, same city or across the country.

FreeTalkZone is a standard voice value added service which is bundled with but not limited to NeoSmart and can also be added to any of Neotel’s existing post-paid voice services

NeoSmart is delivered in proud partnership with HTC and the HTC Desire. This android dual network phone allows for both CDMA (landline) and GSM (mobile phone) technologies. It has an expansive display which provides an amazing viewing experience and Beats Audio™ to meet every customer’s sound needs with deep, authentic sound.

Additional features include:

•           Ruim slot – Neotel geographic number.

•           Sim Slot – mobile GSM number.

•           EVDO and GPRS capability for mail and calendar.

•           Captive touch screen, 16M colours.

•           Full Outlook synchronization.

•           Mail browser.

•           Applications.

NeoSmart is available with a choice of monthly package rates, each of which includes free minutes, free data and free SMSs.

NeoSmart Packages FREE Neotel Minutes FREE Data Free SMSs Price
NeoSmart 299 100 1Gb 100 R399
NeoSmart 399 200 2Gb 200 R499
NeoSmart 499 300 3Gb 300 R599

For a fixed monthly fee of R49 customers enjoy:

•       FREE unlimited all day calls between all employees on the FreeTalkZone service, even at peak times.

•       The lowest landline to landline rates in South Africa.

•       Competitive rates to mobile numbers throughout the day – even during peak times.

•       Reduced and controlled telecommunications spend.

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