Teleco partnership secures 3G coverage in Mogadishu

Aviat Networks, Inc., an established operator in the microwave networking solutions industry, announced that Hormuud Telecom Inc., a telecommunications service provider in Somalia, has now achieved 85 percent coverage for voice-based wireless telecommunications in rural Southern and Central Somalia and its first wireless Internet 3G coverage in urban areas such as Mogadishu, with the assistance of Aviat Networks solutions.

Hormuud Telecom Inc.has now achieved 85 percent coverage for voice-based wireless telecommunications in rural Southern and Central Somalia. (Image: Google/
These achievements are due in part to Aviat’s Eclipse Packet Node microwave networking platform, which enhanced the operator’s wireless Ethernet link capability, and Aviat’s services.
With the assistance of Aviat Networks’ path planning and network design services, Hormuud Telecom expanded its microwave networking as part of its strategy to transition from a 2.5G TDM network to a hybrid 3G network with upgrade path to all-IP/all-Ethernet 4G.

“A large part of our plan to enrich the lives of the populace is through improved voice and data coverage, with the support of Aviat Networks, our wireless transmission provider,” says Mr. Ali, chief technology officer of Hormuud Telecom. “We always remember our social responsibilities in this country, which has suffered from civil war for years, as we help provide generators and fuel to hospitals, food and shelter to displaced people and educational supplies to schools.”

Serving more than 1.5 million subscribers across Southern and Central Somalia, which is approximately the size of Texas, Hormuud Telecom aims to expand further as it supplies a next-generation, fully enabled mobile IP network backhauled by Aviat Networks Eclipse microwave radios.

“With Somalia primed to jump the Digital Divide that exists across Africa, Hormuud is poised to deliver mobile services to the people,” says Trevor Burchell, vice president, sales & services, MEA and EuR, Aviat Networks. “This socially responsible mobile operator has consistently delivered reliable wireless service in a challenging operating environment.”

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