Orange money hits 5 million user mark

Established mobile money provider Orange Money announced this week that through the end of 2012, the number of users has risen to over five million, or an estimated 5.6 million users in Africa.


Mobile money provider Orange Money has attracted over 5 million users throughout Africa. (Image: Google/

It comes as Orange launched mobile money services in Uganda last month as it continues to push forward its brand and its mobile transfer system for African telecom users.

“After introducing the service in Cote d’Ivoire in 2008, the mobile money service was extended to Mali, Senegal, Niger, Botswana, Kenya, Madagascar, Cameroon, Jordan, Morocco, Guinea, Mauritius and Uganda,” it said in a statement.

Orange has also set up a web-based international money transfer website at for Madagascar and Mali, “allowing money to be sent from anywhere in the world with a bank card.”

The operator previously said it had 4.8 million Orange money customers at the end of September 2012.

The increase in users is seen as a positive step towards continuing Africa’s mobile money services, which have received positive reactions from users in the continent, although frustration is rising in Kenya after the government announced increase tariffs on the transfer system.

David Eto

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