Nigeria’s Glo announces global Wi-Fi bundle

Nigeria’s telecom operator Globacom (Glo) has announced the launch of a new Internet wireless router in the hope that it will boost “on-the-go and office” connections for users.

Nigerian telecommunications operator, Globacom, has announced the launch of a new Internet wireless router to boost business and home-based connectivity. (Image: File)

According to the operator, the launch offers users greater access and higher Internet speeds, particularly within the home environment.

“The Glo Mobile Wi-Fi is a mobile portable device that can connect up to five Wi-Fi gadgets (PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones and PSPs) to mobile broadband,” the company stated in a media release announcing the launch of the new router and increased services.

Nigeria has seen Internet penetration rise in the past few years and Glo believes the new router will give home users and businesses the ability to be connected on multiple platforms at one time, and leverage off an increase in overall speed and bandwidth.

“It comes with a free SIM and 1GB data for the first month and another 1GB free for the next six months based on continuous subscription,” the company added.

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has said that it would like to see increased customer service from telecom operators in the country, and the Glo initiative should help move it in that direction.

David Eto