MTC Namibia launches new Internet, mobile packages

Namibia’s telecommunications operator MTC has announced the launch of its SmartShare promotion, aimed at boosting customers’ Internet and mobile packages for their phones.

Namibia's telecommunications operator MTC has announced the launch of its SmartShare promotion to boost mobile and online services. (Image: File)

According to the company, users will now have the opportunity to choose their own packages, including multiple packages and only be charged on one invoice.

“They may combine the Internet and up to three mobile devices. Customers should first select their Internet service or package from the three available options,” the company said.

It comes as Namibia is looking to boost its overall Internet data packages in an effort to continue to see growth in the mobile phone sector in the Southeast African country, which has seen slow movement toward growth in the sector.

The packages now being offered by MTC include the SmartShare 4 with speeds of up to 4 Mbps for NAD 399 (approximately $45) per month.

“There is SmartShare 7 at NAD 649 per month with speed up to 7 Mbps or SmartShare 20, which costs NAD 799 and provides a service at 20 Mbps. One then selects one’s mobile package. SmartShare 100 provides 200 minutes of talktime, 200 SMS and 200 MB of data for NAD100. SmartShare 200 provides 400 mins, 400 SMS and 400 MB of data for NAD 200. SmartShare 300 provides 600 minutes, 600 SMS and 600 MB, or and Unlimited Mobile Package for NAD 600. Finally the customer chooses a smartphone of her or his liking,” the company said in a press statement.

David Eto