Creating mobile apps now easier

Once of the many applications to launch at this year’s Mobile World Congress aims to make app development even easier. Dutch company AppMachine launched their offering to the world, providing internet users with an easier way to create apps.

AppMachine creator Siebrand Dijkstra (image: Charlie Fripp)

“This innovative online platform enables anyone to create compelling native iOS and Android apps in a fraction of the time and costs of other platforms. Technical or design skills are not required. Creating an app has never been easier. This new way of making apps will completely redefine the way apps are installed in communication mixes as of today,” AppMachine said during their press conference.

Creator and founder of AppMachine, Siebrand Dijkstra said that after two years of programming and the employment of over 24 people, the website is finally live for users to start creating apps.

“People create apps by making use of the many building blocks that we provide them with. Users will be able to integrate their apps with many services such as Facebook and Twitter, and users will even be able to create a blueprint of their app.”

Users of AppMachine willl also be able to test their apps online to iron out difficulties in a live environment, which will make fault-finding easier. Prospective builders will also be given access to dowload their blueprints that shows exactly what they are working on.

“As the apps are native, using the iOS or Android operating system, they are much faster and much more user-friendly than mobile websites and HTML5 apps. Apps built with AppMachine, offer the true app experience,” Dijkstra added.

“Seeing is believing. Just check out our platform and you will experience how easy it is to create a compelling app, without any technological or software skills. When we call our solution revolutionary, innovative and amazing, we are not making idle boasts. We make app making accessible to everyone and creative by removing all technical showstoppers from the process and this means instant apps that work.”

AppMachine allows users to easily build apps and creating mobile is free of charge. However, 399 Euros for the Gorgeous version and 699 Euros for the Designer version will be charged if the apps are published.

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor