Zambia’s Zamtel adding 3G base stations


Zambia’s only landline phone operator Zamtel has announced that it will roll out over 400 new 3G base stations across the country in 2013 in an effort to grow its user base. 

Zambian landline operator Zamtel has announced its plan to roll out over 400 new 3G base stations. (Image: File)

According to the company, the new stations will help double the company’s one million subscribers this year to two million.

Zamtel CEO Mupanga Mwanakatwe said that he “hoped the 3G expansion would boost Internet penetration in the country.”

Zambia has been moving quickly on developing the broadband Internet sector in the country and with Zamtel’s additions to the 3G network, it could provide a massive boost to the ability for citizens to have access to high-speed Internet services.

The CEO did not say how much the new stations would cost the company, but did add that “the company is also working to replace copper cables with fiber in order to prevent vandalism.”

Mohammed Awad