Instagram has over 90-million active users

Photo manipulation and sharing network Instagram has been known to play their user-figure card close to their chest, with many being able to only guess who many users the social network has on its books.

Instagram revealed that they now have over 90-million active users (image: file)

After an initial hiccup, Instagram updated their Terms of Service and with that revealed some statistics about its usage.

The network stated on their site that they now have 90 million monthly active users.

How much content can 90-million users create? Well, according to their internal figures over 40 million photos are taken, manipulated and shared with followers per day.

Just like Facebook, who bought the company for $1-billion last year, a user’s followers are able to like uploaded photos, and this happens 8500 times per second across the entire network – that’s 510 000 likes per minute and equates to over 30-million likes an hour.

Instagram also revealed that over a 1000 comments are posted to photos per second.

In the first update to their Terms of Service, users were notified that Instragram may use any pictures uploaded to the service for promotional purposes, but users were up in arms when it came to light that Instagram might also sell their images to third parties.

While they might have a growing number of users, they are paling in comparison to parent company Facebook, who announced late last year that they have crossed over the 1-billion users mark.

They also launched Instagram profiles on the web, which allows users to view Instagram profiles and see recently uploaded images, which are similar to that of Facebook.

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor