Google Kenya launches elections info portal

Google Kenya has launched an information portal dedicated to publishing information about the country’s General Elections in March.

The Star reports that Google Kenya has launched an information portal to help people keep track of developments within the country's General Elections in March. (Image: Google/

According to a report published on The Star, the portal features aggregated content, sourced from local and international media, about presidential candidates and issues raised in political campaigns.

The online company has emphasised the role online information plays in helping people keep track of developments with the election.

The Star quotes Google Kenya’s Country Manager Joseph Mucheru as saying that online information will be central to how the elections pan out.

Also quoted in the report is Ory Okolloh, Google Policy and Government Relations Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa.

“We are empowering voters so that they are not simply watching from afar, but are participating in, engaging with and shaping the political process in a democratic way,” Okolloh is reported to have said.

The workings of the Kenyan elections hub is said to be based largely on the research platform established via a partnership between Google and electoral governing bodies in Senegal and Ghana.

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