Ghana – mobile operators deny breaking SIM rules

In a battle between telecommunication operators and Ghana’s telecommunication regulator, mobile phone companies in the West African country have denied any claim by the National Communications Authority (NCA) that they broke SIM registration regulations.

Mobile operators in Ghana have denied claims that they have flouted SIM registration regulations. (Image: File)

The ongoing conflict began in earnest this week over SIM card registration in the country and reflects simmering tension between the regulator and telecommunication companies. 

According to the NCA, mobile phone companies allegedly broke rules pertaining to new SIM card registration, but the telecom operators have denied the accusation, saying they have complied with all regulations set down by the government.

The NCA said in a statement that it had “grave concern that certain agents of some mobile phone operators do not follow through the rules governing the purchase and registration of SIM cards.”

In a separate statement denying the allegations, Vodafone Ghana said it “has always complied with the NCA’s approved procedures for SIM registration.”

Corporate Relations Manager at Airtel Ghana Kwame Gyan, told Joy Business in a counter to the NCA argument that Airtel “not only adheres to the rules, but also follows up to ensure that the right thing is done.”

The battle over SIM card registration is raging in Africa, after over two million users saw their SIM cards switched off in Kenya as part of a government effort to crackdown on counterfeit SIM cards.

Ghana is looking to register all new SIM cards in a similar effort.

David Eto