Liberia: Libercell back in court

Less than a week after Libercell won a tentative court ruling not to suspend its services, the telecom operator finds itself back in the courtroom, this time over taxes.


Liberia's telecommunications services provider, Libercell, has reportedly found itself back in court. (Image: Google/

Liberia’s Supreme Court ordered Tax Court Judge Eva Mappy Morgan to resume jurisdiction over mobile operator Libercell’s tax arrears trial.

The move comes three months after the High Court placed a stay order on the Tax Court’s decision to close down the company for its failure to pay $1.47 million in taxes owed the government.

The case could ultimately see the downfall of Libercell if it is unable to make payment, analysts have said.

The lower court closed down Libercell on July 30 on grounds that “the company failed to comply with payment stipulations reached before the Tax Court despite repeated warnings.”

Immediately after being closed down, Libercell petitioned the Supreme Court of Liberia to review the decision and won.

The ongoing battles with the government and the country’s regulator have threatened the future of the company in Liberia and has seen a number of customers jump ship to other operators.

David Eto