Zambia: ICT Authority’s plans to pulverise poor service

In an effort to increase quality service monitoring in the East African country, the Zambia Information and Communication Technology Authority (ZICTA) has announced its intention to purchase more than $200,000 in equipment.

Zambia's ICT Authority (ZICTA) has announced the purchase of equipment to bolster service delivery and empower customers. (Image: Google/

The authority said that the equipment would be used to empower customers and to ensure they “no longer get raw deals” from the country’s telecom operators. It also forms part of efforts by the authority to bolster service delivery and thereby increase penetration into rural areas. 

ZICTA public relations manager Ngabo Nankonde said “with the quality of service monitoring equipment, customers could now be assured of quality service provision from operators, as the authority plans to penalise errant providers.”

Nankonde said ZICTA “was on a fact-finding mission in the eastern part of the country to ascertain why mobile service providers continue giving poor services to their subscribers.”

She said communication, “be it mobile phone or Internet, must be of high quality so that the public can easily access information without difficulties.”

Nankonde said “the three operators should immediately address the various concerns raised by their respective subscribers.”

Mohammad Awad