Vodafone Ghana launches international call bundles

Vodafone Ghana is hoping that new offerings will help to elevate its overall image and increase its market in Ghana. The company has announced that it will reduce its international call rates and services for customers, which could result in as much as 90 percent reduction in costs for users.

Vodafone Ghana is hoping that new offerings will help increase its overall image and market in Ghana (image: file)

The move is being seen as an attempt to approach the local market with an international feel.  

The belief, the company said, is that by reducing the overall costs, more users will take advantage of the service to connect and engage outside the country.

“Customers can subscribe to daily or monthly bundles offering international calls for as low as GHS 10 per minute to places such as the US, UK, China and other popular destinations,” the company said in a statement.

“The friends and family package also allows customers to include one international number at reduced rates,” it said.

Ghana has seen its mobile phone market grow dramatically in recent years and the countries’ operators continue to battle for the newest promotion to grab larger percentages of the market.

David Eto