Vodacom Tanzania offers cost-free cash transfer service

Users of Vodacom Tanzania’s M-Pesa service can now take advantage of a new promotion by the company that facilitates cost-free sending of money, reports Tanzania Daily News.

Vodacom Tanzania has introduced a promotion to facilitate cost-free cash transfers. (Image: File)

The company’s Managing Director, Rene Meza, is quoted as saying, “Vodacom customers would not need to subscribe for this service as it would be available to all prepaid M-PESA users across the country. The service has evolved from money transfer service solution, addressing the business and corporate sectors needs to collect cash or disperse payments.”

According to the promotion M-Pesa users will instantly receive a refund, in the form of airtime, of transfer charges on any amount sent to a Vodacom customer.

The report says the M-Pesa payment solution service was launched in 2008 and facilitates over 1 trillion shillings in transactions every month.

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