Tigo Tanzania launches solar phone charging equipment

Tanzanian mobile services operator, Tigo, has announced plans to rollout Tigo POS (Point of Sale) with solar charging equipment for mobile phones.

Tigo Tanzania has launched solar phone charging equipment. (Image: Google/ in2eastafrica.net)

The service is intended to benefit Tigo customers who live far from power sources by providing access to sustainable eco-friendly energy.

“With solar charging equipment installed at Tigo POS, Tigo continues to take care of its customers who can more easily go about their day-to-day lives, and even conduct business where there is no power.  Customers will be charged an affordable TSH300 per charge. For Tigo POS owners, Tigo provides new technology in the Tanzanian market, assisting entrepreneurs to diversify their business and increase their income,” the company stated.

Tigo POS can sign up for the equipment by sending an email to solar@tigo.co.tz. The only requirements are that the POS does not already have electricity or is already selling phone charges. For these POS phone charging will be a new source of income. With Tsh300 per charge the average POS can make an additional Tsh90.000 per month (based on 10 phones charges per day).

Staff Writer