Monday, April 15, 2024
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Nigeria sees 2.25 million new GSM subscribers

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The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has reported that the number of active phone subscribers in Nigeria rose to 107.4 million in September, up from 105.2 million the month before. It comes as new promotions and efforts to boost customer satisfaction have seen positive results in the telecom sector.

The NCC has reported a surge in active phone subscribers across Nigeria. (Image: File)

“The country’s teledensity hit 76.7 percent, versus 75.2 percent in August,” the telecom regulator reported on Thursday.

“The GSM base rose by 2.52 million to 103.65 million, while CDMA users fell to 3.24 million from 3.35 million a month earlier. Fixed-line customers totaled just over 474,000,” it added.

The GSM boost is a welcome surprise to the industry, which has been pushing mobile Internet and smartphone use in recent months, with operators feeling confident that they are ensuring better opportunities for users to enter the market and have better services, including mobile Internet.

Nigeria, as the continent’s largest country by population, is hopeful that the continued positive results from the past few months will translate in continued subscriber growth.

David Eto

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