China’s Huawei opens new network centre in Egypt

China’s Huawei has continued its expansion into Africa with the establishment of its Egyptian Network Operation Center (NOC) in Cairo’s Smart Village, the company said in a press release announcing the opening.

Huawei has established the Egyptian Network Operation Centre (NOC) to expand its services profile in Africa. (Image: File)

According to the company, the new center will be dedicated to “operating and managing telecommunication networks and providing professional services to operators in the Northern Africa Region.”

Services will include:  

  • Front-office operation – help desk
  • Fault handling
  • Network surveillance – back office operation – corrective and preventive maintenance
  • Change management
  • Capacity management
  • Vendor support management – work force management
  • Operation support management – SLA management
  • Security management
  • IT platform management
  • Network performance management

Huawei has boosted its footprint in Africa. The company views Egypt as a base point for the rest of the continent and hopes that the new center will help to raise its profile in the country and across the region.

The new center will have the latest and most updated OSS systems, which “support various technologies including 2G, 3G and LTE networks.”

Huawei’s Egyptian NOC will “provide customers with cost-effective operation, as its process is highly streamlined and economies of scale can be achieved thanks to multiple networks management in a centralized location, while the network quality can be improved through the professional process, tools, staff and Huawei’s global best practice experiences sharing.”

Joseph Mayton