Alcatel-Lucent expands in Togo

Togo is hoping that the announcement by Alcatel-Lucent to help further boost the quality of service, capacity and coverage of its mobile broadband network will be successful in enhancing customers satisfaction for Togo Cellulaire, one of the country’s mobile operators.

Alcatel and Cellulaire are pushing forward a major expansion of the GSM and 3G mobile networks (image: file)

Alcatel and Cellulaire said on Tuesday that they are pushing forward a major expansion of the GSM and 3G mobile networks in the country.

According to their report, “the number of 2G BTS and 3G NodeB will be increased, microwave links will provide robust backhaul to the new sites, and the capacity of some of the existing microwave links will be extended.”

The belief is that by introducing Alcatel-Lucent’s 9500 Microwave Packet Radio technology across the country and through rural areas, it will improve the overall broadband service and reliability in the country.

As part of this network transformation, “Alcatel-Lucent is deploying its Service Router 7750 and is introducing its IP/MPLS technologies to improve network resiliency and optimize the delivery of different types of mobile broadband traffic, including data services and video to customers,” it said.

Togo believes that by boosting its mobile Internet services, it will enable rural areas of the country to enter the marketplace, which will help boost both telecom and economics in the country.

David Eto