A24 Media Unveils New Website

NAIROBI, Kenya, November 5, 2012/African Press Organization (APO)/ — A24 MEDIA (http://www.a24media.com), our continent’s premiere Pan African multi-platform media company, has redesigned our website to make it easier for you, the professional to use. With a new look and a smoother navigation platform, you will be able to find Content, Production Resources and Information without hunting across a complicated maze of links and pages.

View site : http://www.a24media.com

Logo: http://www.photos.apo-opa.com/plog-content/images/apo/logos/a24media.jpg


As a broadcaster, website, mobile phone provider, corporate marketer, freelance journalist or filmmaker, what you need is to see what is available content-wise and how to acquire it quickly and easily. You also need to know what is new in the marketplace, as well as how to locate specific visual gems to make your production special.

We are integrating our popular content bulletin into the site, which features updates on the AFRICA JOURNAL (http://www.a24media.com/africa-journal/) program, our documentaries, stringer partners across the continent, a picture of the day from our 3 ½ million strong still library, timely relevant archive content, blogs from our field reporters and the latest from our international content partners.


Coinciding with the new look and feel of our website is the opportunity to access our video archive on-line for the first time. Already over 400 hours have been digitized, but our entire library, dating back 50 years, will be available via the net after approximately six months. Keyword searches will make this browsing as fast and exact as possible. This will give you much of the modern history of post-Independence Africa at your fingertips to view and purchase with the ease of on-line shopping. And we invite partners from around Africa to take advantage of our expertise to discuss storage and marketing of your own video library.


As a multi-platform pioneer in Africa, A24 MEDIA is making this website compatible with mobile phones, Android devices and I-Pads. Our mobile content, as well as our cross-platform program AFRICA’S VOICE are showcased here as well. As technology moves forward, rest assured that A24 MEDIA is looking at how to use new systems and platforms for the advantage of us all.


No, we haven’t forgotten our local and international partners. We have built a much brighter, more complete and easy-to-use showcase to present the outstanding Content being produced by you talented professionals. This gives us a chance to highlight the contributions of individual cameramen and producers who are doing the stories of the best of Africa on a daily basis. It also shines the spotlight on producers of films and TV series featuring African heroes and villains, and those shaping our society. Our International partners (http://www.a24media.com/partners/) are also featured, helping you to understand what the biggest media players in the world are bringing to Africa. And our corporate, foundation, government agency and NGO partners are also showcased in their own special section.


Last, but not least, we are finally giving you a glimpse into our production and post-production capacity. For nearly 5 decades Camerpix, Ltd, our parent company has been making co-productions across the broadcast spectrum and distributing those productions to outlets across the continent. We can do the planning, the shooting, the writing, the editing, and the delivery to your specifications no matter what you require. Check out our impressive body of work, and engage A24 MEDIA for your next big production.


As our continent heads toward the digital future we expect the demands for Content to grow exponentially. So, we are looking to keep increasing our partnerships to help meet the needs of an expanding broadcast market. We encourage you to let us know what your growing needs look like so we can help meet them. And we encourage content creators to keep us in the loop so we can help you meet new markets as they emerge.

Please enjoy the new website, give us your suggestions for making it even better. And let A24MEDIA know what you are up to, so we can make it known to the media world in Africa and beyond.

Distributed by the African Press Organization on behalf of A24MEDIA.

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