Tech media closely monitoring Ghana’s e-govt


Ghana’s ambitious new reporting initiative, the Network of Communication Reporters (NCR) has thrown its weight and support behind boosting coverage and development of the ICT sector in the West African country.

Ghana's tech media are paying closer attention to policy and connectivity affecting the rollout of e-government. (Image: File)

The NCR, made up of journalists specializing in the digital world, technology and telecom, hopes that the new pledge will assist in developing the knowledge and understanding of the ICT and telecom sectors in the country as the government pushes forward on a number of projects, including broadband expansion to rural areas and e-government initiatitves.

Charles Benoni Okine, Dean of the NCR said, “We pledge our commitment in ensuring that ICT becomes a major driver of economic growth in the country, given the sector’s enormous and largely under-tapped potential.”

He added at a press conference on Monday that “the Network will constantly keep an eye on government policy implementation in the area of ICT as a contribution to ensuring that the country gets the best out of every ICT project.”

Okine, who was speaking at the official inauguration of the Network in Accra, said the group had “closely monitored the various transformations in policy direction in the telecommunications sector, which include the Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) card registration; Mobile Number Portability (MNP) and presently the drive towards migrating into the Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT), which is expected to be fully rolled out by the end of 2014.”

Continuing, he argued it “is ambitious and the NCR would want to pledge its commitment to help in the education of the public on the digital migration for it to become another major success.”

The idea is to boost coverage of key ministries and other industry leaders to “broaden the knowledge of members through workshops and seminars,” which he said would enable better reporting to inform the public on technology-related stories.

“The Network is not formed to do the bidding of any player in the sector, the regulator or the ministry. Members will be as objective as possible ensuring utmost fairness in its reportage and advocacy work in the interest of the consumer,” Okine added.

David Eto