Submarine connectivity a boon for Tanzania


Tanzania hopes that a new submarine cable, that began running in 2009, will continue to help boost the country’s telecom connectivity and increase potential for investment.

An new submarine cable is helping to strengthen Tanzania's ICT profile. (Image: File)

As a result of the underwater cable, costs with the ICT sector have been gradually reduced over the past three years. As a result, penetration has also begun to be increased in the East African country.

SEACOM Tanzania Managing Director Anna Kahama-Rupia said at a press conference that the country’s telecom and IT sector has seen a massive boost in education, entrepreneurship and social mobility as a result of the new cable and the new speeds.

“SEACOM has decided to support other ICT innovation hubs throughout Southern and East Africa with Internet access because of its strong commitment to stimulating innovation, enterprise development and job creation within Africa’s ICT sector,” she said.

She continued to say that the “skills, relationships, applications and new businesses developed within these ICT innovation hubs will go a long way in improving Africa’s technological efficiencies and address the challenge of creating new jobs for its growing youth population.”

Overall, Tanzania’s telecom and Internet capacity has dramatically improved in both speeds and costs. The ministry of communications has said that through the cable they have been able to see the reduction in costs for all levels of connections, which has resulted in more and more Tanzanians getting online.

Mohammad Awad