Egypt wants 20,000 new IT jobs in 2013

Egypt’s IT and telecom sector is expecting massive growth in the next year, leading industry representatives have been quoted as saying.

Egypt's government is expecting high growth within IT and telecommunications. (Image: Google/

Egypt’ s Communications and IT Minister Hany Mahmoud told reporters at a press conference on Thursday evening that he expects 2013 to see a doubling of jobs in the IT sector and among telecom companies.

Already 2012 saw around 10,000 new jobs and he believes the country can have some 20,000 new hires next year if the positive movement in the industry continues.

“This year, we saw around 10,000 new hires. Next year I’m targeting 20,000 hires in the IT and telecoms industry,” Hany Mahmoud, Egypt’s Communications and IT minister was quoted by Gulf Business as saying.

According to the ministry, the country saw double digit growth in the telecom and IT sector before the 2011 uprising in the country that has seen the economy struggle, but they are confident that renewed movement in the sector will bring growth.

 “At that time mobile companies were really booming and there was introduction of the internet. So we had a lot of development and it even exceeded 20 per cent at certain stages,” he said.

“After the revolution, there is some slowdown in everything in Egypt, but our industry is still growing between seven to nine per cent per cent from last year,” he added.

It comes as Egypt continues its push to be a top outsourcing destination and comes on the heels of government announcements that it would be looking to bolster the telecom sector, including a potential 4th mobile license in the country, expected to go to tender in the first quarter of next year.

“First, we are going to have a big focus on promoting Egypt as an outsourcing hub for the region. Egypt has everything required to become an offshore hub. Last year, an AT Kearney report ranked us number four in terms of ability to be an outsourcing hub, because of our talent pool and location,” the minister said.

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