Friday, February 23, 2024
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Comviva looks to boost data volume in West Africa

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Leading market data platform provider Comviva is looking to take its Mobile Data Platform into West Africa with the goal of boosting its volume by 40 percent and increase average annual revenue per user by 20 percent.

Mayank Sharma, Vice President, Africa Region, Comviva . (Image: File)

According to the company, it will use an advanced optimization, data management and monetization techniques “to enhance the user experience by improving data download speeds by over 70 percent and stimulate revenue growth, whilst generating up to 45 percent savings on bandwith and up to 50 percent on infrastructure investment.”

The announcement has been welcomed across the region, as analysts say they believe the move could be the beginning of increasing overall customer satisfaction with the telecom sector after recent reports have indicated that the region is suffering from a well-below standards customer service rating.

Mayank Sharma, Vice President, Africa Region, Comviva, said in a company statement that “over the last year operators in West Africa have witnessed huge demand for mobile data, especially in countries like Cote d’Ivoire, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Ghana and Cameroon.

“For this they need a solution that can complement their infrastructure and help them launch innovative data services to boost revenues and also ensure efficient network management to minimize the revenue leakages and cost overheads,” Sharma added.

“Comviva’s comprehensive approach to mobile data management enables efficient and effective handling of the various types of data traffic. Our solution helps enhance mobile Internet experience by improving data download speeds.”

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