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Uncertainty over Kenya’s migration onto digital

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Director General of the Communications Commission of Kenya (CCK) Francis Wangusi has stated that the date for Kenya’s switch-off from analogue to digital broadcasting remains unknown writes The Star in Nairobi.

Uncertainty still hovers over the planned shift from Kenya's analogue TV signals to digital broadcasting. (Image: World TV PC)

This is reportedly because the countrywide infrastructure is not in place.

June 17 was originally intended as the date for the total migration. According to the report progress was interrupted because of a midstream shift from DVBT technology platform to DVBT2 standards.

Further delays were experienced in sourcing contractors to rollout the infrastructure, before KBC’s Signet and Pan Africa Network Group were brought on board.

Wangusi is quoted in the report as saying, “We cannot switch off analogue broadcasting before the next general election to avoid political backlash over claims that some sections of the population would be shut out due to inability to acquire signal converters.”

The report also quotes a member of the committee overseeing the migration process as saying that financial restrictions related to the rollout of the DVB-T2 network still represents a major challenge.

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