Zimbabwe’s Econet reverses decison on NetOne

Last week it was reported that Zimbabwean mobile service provider Econet cut off all interconnection services between itself and mobile operator NetOne – reportedly over an outstanding multimillion Dollar debt.

Zimbabwe's Econet has reportedly reversed a decision to cut off all interconnection services to NetOne. (Image: File)

In a recent development reported by The Herald, Econet has reversed the decision following a challenge over the decision issued by NetOne at the High Court in a case brought under a certificate of urgency.

According to the article Mr Harrison Nkomo, representing Econet, said the company’s decision to restore services to NetOne was unilateral.

“Econet has taken a unilateral decision to reconnect NetOne considering both the negative impact on the subscribers and the unreasonable stance that NetOne took of disregarding the impact of the disconnection,” Mr Nkomo told the publication.

The article quotes NetOne’s legal representative, Mr Collin Kuhuni, as stating that the legal battle is not over and the matter still needs to be heard in court.

Meanwhile it is reported that subscribers are experiencing the fallout from the issue and could not make calls across either of the two networks.

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