Uganda moving ahead with alternative undersea cable


The Ugandan government over the weekend once again revealed plans to build an alternative undersea cable to service the nation, as constant interruptions from Kenya is no longer a viable option.

An alternative route for the cable to Uganda could go through Mutukula in Tanzania, which is currently being serviced by the ESSAY and Seacom cables (image: WACS)

Peter Kahiigi, the director for Technical Services at the National Information Technology Authority Uganda (NITA-U) said that the cable will run via Mutukula in Tanzania, and construction should begin in November.

“The Mutukula route will help lower the cost, provide high speed Internet bandwidth and enhance efficiency of service delivery to Ugandans among other benefits,” Kahiigi said.

He also revealed that the Ugandan government has employed the services of a private firm handle all matters pertaining to the management and installation of the new cable.

Industry leaders agreed that an alternative cable is for the best of the country. “We need to ask ourselves what can be done to promote the development of backbone networks and thereby stimulate the take-up of broadband services,” said James Mulebeke, the vice director at Huawei, a telecommunication company that operates in the country.

Uganda’s Junior ICT Minister Nyombi Thembo added that the new cable will contribute towards the economy of the country. “Digital content industry has vast potential as a major contributor to our economy and society through employment creation, capital investment, provision of skills and capabilities to traditional as well as new industry sectors.”

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor