Telkom SA kicks off ADSL upgrade process


Telkom South Africa today began the first leg of its ADSL upgrade process following the Company’s recently stated intention to effectively increase the value to entry level broadband users.

Telkom SA has officially kicked off its ADSL upgrade process. (Image: File)

As of 24 August, customers currently on an ‘Up to 1024 kpbs’ ADSL offering will automatically be upgraded to ‘Up to 2048 kpbs’ ADSL.

The process is expected to continue for approximately six weeks – the time required to cover the national base.

Customers currently on an ‘Up to 384 kbps’ ADSL offering will also be upgraded, to ‘Up to 1024 kbps’. This process will commence in October and is also anticipated to continue for approximately six weeks.

The speed upgrades enable Telkom Internet to effectively increase the value to entry level broadband customers. It also illustrates that the Company is in a position to create new products and services that allow customers to run multiple bandwidth-hungry applications simultaneously, and at faster speeds.

The benefits of the speed upgrades are relevant to Telkom’s residential and business customers, specifically small to medium businesses that will be able to access a wider range of business utilities to boost their productivity.

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  1. What about area's without Telkom lines? There are newer residential areas in Pretoria, that still don't have telephone lines!

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