Dimension Data launches global cloud partner programme

Dimension Data, a global ICT services and solutions provider, has unveiled Dimension Data OneCloud Partner Programme, a global cloud partnership initiative that enables service providers, education institutions, government agencies and trading communities to rapidly bring new cloud services to market.

Steve Nola, CEO of Dimension Data’s Cloud Business Unit. (Image: File)

The programme expedites time to market by leveraging the Group’s global Managed Cloud Platform (MCP), sales and marketing enablement services, as well as Dimension Data’s Cloud Exchange, allowing an ecosystem of cloud service providers that are able to exchange cloud traffic.

Responding to the demand for service providers to offer cloud-based services to businesses in their own markets, Dimension Data introduced its Provider Compute-as-a-Service (CaaS) in February 2012. The Provider CaaS offering delivers an enterprise-class cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) that can be marketed under the provider’s own brand.

Dimension Data’s OneCloud Partner Programme complements the Provider CaaS by providing clients with the marketing and sales enablement required to accelerate their cloud business, reducing time to market.

“The Dimension Data OneCloud Partner Programme helps our partners bring their own cloud services to market more quickly,” said Steve Nola, CEO of Dimension Data’s Cloud Business Unit. “Building, integrating and launching a new cloud service is time-consuming, costly and a new journey for many of our clients. We aim to assist our partners in bringing a competitive cloud service to market more rapidly to respond to the growing demand for cloud services.”

Additionally, partners that achieve an Alliance Member status are able to access Dimension Data’s Cloud Exchange, a platform that enables partners to expand their cloud footprint across multiple regions, providing a consistent and compatible experience across shared infrastructures and technologies.

The Global Cloud Exchange also enables partners to exchange traffic seamlessly by leveraging other partners’ capacity and cloud services on-demand. Dimension Data’s CloudControl cloud management system provides the metering, accounting and billing across partners and regions.

Adam Pozniak, Channel Director of Dimension Data’s Cloud Business Unit, said: “Our partners have a tremendous opportunity to take innovative, new cloud services to their clients. Our OneCloud Partner Programme is committed to genuine partnerships that are focused on our partners’ success.”

For more information on the Dimension Data OneCloud Partner Programme, visit dimensiondata.com/onecloud.

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