SYSPRO helps Mopani level the playing field for vendors

June 1, 2012 • Top Stories

Mopani Copper Mine has announced the launch of its new integrated SYSPRO ERP system to better manage internal customers and procurement.

Mopani Copper Mine has announced the launch of its new integrated SYSPRO ERP system. (Image: Flickr/ photosmith2011)

The system, which has been active since the beginning of March, adds a new dimension to doing business with Mopani, making the entire process more user friendly and streamlined, while providing vendors with an equal competitive advantage. 

The primary reason for the implementation was to enhance security and curtail the possibility of any fraudulent activities in the evaluation and awarding of supply tenders to vendors. SYSPRO has enabled Mopani to build a Tendering Module which gives vendors the opportunity to tender electronically. Once received, these tenders remain sealed until the due date when they are opened simultaneously. This eliminates any possibility for collusion between buyers and vendors, and provides all suppliers with an equal opportunity.

A further benefit is the addition of product codes to Vendor Profiles – allowing for a more extensive distribution of Requests for Quotations to all vendors able to supply particular products.

In order to ensure successful utilisation of the system by the vendors, Mopani, in conjunction with the Kitwe Chamber of Commerce and Industry, recently conducted workshops where over 200 vendors from the Copperbelt andLusakareceived training on how to use the new system.

“This is the first time in the 30-year history of SYSPRO that a company has undertaken such an extensive exercise to sensitise external system users, and simply goes to show the level of commitment to ensuring that the end users benefit significantly from the system,” says SYSPRO’s Marketing Director – Meryl Malcomess. “We hope that this kind of commitment and collaboration will set a shining example for industry across the continent and will help in ruling out corruption as well as in enhancing employment opportunities.”

Mopani is the first mining company, and possibly the only company inZambia, to come up with such an initiative for vendors. This will go a long way in creating more opportunities especially for small and medium businesses. Mopani Copper Mines CEO has reiterated the company’s commitment to enhancing the capacity of local suppliers:

“I’m delighted that we have managed to implement such a system that will see all vendors competing at the same level, giving them an equal opportunity to trade with us. This makes our business more streamlined and transparent, and helps rid the system of any fraudulent and corrupt practices, as stipulated in our code of business ethics. We are confident that through this system, we will be able to help small businesses grow by giving them equal opportunities. This will go a long way in creating employment for the community,” said Mr. Callow. 

The project team trained more than 700 users on the new workflow and ERP solution.  Upon going live, existing transactions were migrated, and Mopani Copper Mine went live with a “big bang” approach, with all users starting to use the system on the 4th of March 2012.

The solution has settled down well within the first two months, with the complete project being delivered on time and within budget.  Both the Zambian Revenue Authority and the Zambian Chamber of Commerce has commended Mopani for improvement brought about by the project.

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