Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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MTN launches mobile money transfer in Rwanda

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MTN Group and MFS Africa today announced the launch of an online money transfer service- MTNMMO.COM.

MTN Group and MFS Africa today announced the launch of the online money transfer service (image: Business Day)

MTN Mobile Money customers can now receive international remittances directly on their mobile phones. The service is now live for transfers to Rwanda and Cote d’Ivoire and will be rolled out across other MTN Mobile Money markets, including Benin, Cameroon and Ghana later this year.

Senders can register on the website www.MTNMMO.COM from anywhere in the world and remit funds by simply entering a beneficiary’s mobile phone number. Funds are delivered immediately to the beneficiary’s MTN Mobile Money account at attractive price levels.

While Mobile Money customers today can already send and receive domestic remittances, the MTNMMO.COM service opens up MTN Mobile Money to receive international remittances through a fully integrated and secure platform.

The MTNMMO.COM service marks an important step in MTN’s ongoing partnership with MFS Africa to introduce simple and relevant financial services.

“Introducing MTNMMO.COM together with MFS Africa is a logical step in the development of MTN Mobile Money across our networks,” says Christian de Faria, MTN Group Chief Commercial Officer.

“We expect that just as MTN Mobile Money has changed the way people receive local remittances in each of the countries we operate, MTNMMO.COM will change the way people receive international remittances. With MFS Africa as a partner, we look forward to expanding MTNMMO.COM to other markets,” Mr. de Faria adds.

Filip Nilsson, Vice President Money Transfer at MFS Africa says MTNMMO.COM is a clear example of how the combination of technology and innovative ideas can transform existing financial services; simplify them, make them more widely available and affordable to people.

“Partnering with MTN to launch MTNMMO.COM provides tangible value to MTN Mobile Money customers and their families. The service also extends the benefits of mobile wallets to the African Diaspora – sending money home to their loved ones is easier than ever,” concludes Nilsson.

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