Mozilla Marketplace goes live with beta

Browser-maker Mozilla released a beta version of their app store for web-based apps. The Mozilla Marketplace has been designed so that users will be able to install applications for Windows, Mac, or Linux operating system just as they would do for normal programs.

A screenshot of the Mozilla Marketplace (image: Mozilla)

“Right now there are fewer than 200 apps available and you’ll need to install the latest Firefox 16 Nightly build in order to try the Marketplace. But the apps I’ve tried out have all worked as delivered, and there are a few names you might recognize including Evernote, Springpad, Jolicloud, and Lord of Ultima,” wrote Liliputing.

The Mozilla Marketplace is the company’s answer to rival Google’s Chrome Web Store, where users will be able to download application and browser extensions, but what sets it apart is that the installed apps will have a shortcut on the user’s desktop.

“When you install a Marketplace app on a Windows computer, for instance, it shows up in your list of installed programs. You can launch the utility or game directly from the Start Menu. And you can use the Windows uninstaller to remove the app from your PC,” Liliputing concluded.

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor