Monday, July 22, 2024
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Apple to unveil iOS 6 today

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It has long been rumoured that Apple will reveal new details of their latest operating system iOS 6 at the annual WWDC (World Wide Deveopers Conference) at San Francisco’s Moscone Center in the US. But users of iOS device recently recieved a clear indication that the company will definitely be unveiling their highly-anticipated operating system.

A photo of the iOS 6 banner that was erected over the weekend (image: CNET)

A large banner for iOS 6, claiming to be the “world’s most advanced mobile operating system” was erected at the conference venue over the weekend, fuelling speculation that Apple will do a little bit more than simply talk about the new iOS.

“iOS 6 has been assumed to be a major topic of discussion for the event, but Apple has so far mentioned only that it will discuss the “future of iOS” at the event. The banner also displays a silver-colored theme that has been rumored to making its way to the iPhone to replace the blue theme present in many of Apple’s apps,” wrote CNET.

CNN also added that users should be able to get a first glimpse at what the iOS will look like and get to tinker with the capabilities.

“It’s about time for a first look at iOS 6, an update of the mobile operating system that runs iPhones, iPads and Apple’s other Web-enabled mobile devices.

The developers in attendance will no doubt hang on every detail. But the most high-profile change is expected to be Apple’s announcement that it’s replacing Google Maps with its own mapping app as the system’s default.”

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor

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