Nigeria to make N11-million internet infrastructure upgrade

The Nigerian Internet Registration Association (NiRA) intends to upgrade the current Nigerian infrastructure to the tune of N11-million (R555 494) in order to achieve its goal of registering 250 000 .ng domain names by 2013.

Ope Odusan, chief operating Officer of NiRA (image: ICANN)

Ope Odusan, chief operating Officer of NiRA, said that upgrading the equipment is crucial in order to reach the goal for improving the country’s Top Level Domain Name (TLD), .ng.

“With a vision to benchmark the .ng registry with world-class registries and maximise efforts to increase the uptake of the .ng domains to 250 000 within a short period, it has become paramount to make the technical infrastructure of the registry much more robust,” said Odusan.

He added that plans to make the N11 million upgrade are in advanced stages, and that it would “focus on network subsystem and server upgrade, power systems upgrade, getting redundant bandwidth provider and customer support system.”

NiRA also started a ‘’ campaign, where they urge Nigerian website owners to register their website with the .ng suffix.

“Rather than registering our emails, website and other internet presence in foreign domain names, where our internet presence is hosted abroad, where our information could be tampered with, it would be more beneficial to us as individuals, businesses and as a nation to adopt the .ng domain names,”

Odusan stressed that the switch to .ng wasn’t just aimed at individual people or companies, but across all sectors. “Our target is to have 250 000 domain names registered in the .ng registry for government ministries, agencies and parastatals, businesses, educational institutions, and other individuals, especially the youth who use the internet on daily basis. This would contribute N250m annually to the economy.”

Charlie Fripp – Consumer Tech editor