Kenya shows promise in global competitive rankings

Over the past decade the Information and Communications Technology sector has been among the major catalysts for economic growth within Africa. The sector has seen on average an estimated annual compound growth rate of 40% within the last five years. In particular, East Africa’s business sector showed significant improvement in 2011.

The Information and Communications Technology sector has been among the major catalysts for economic growth within Africa (image: stock.xchng)

In a recent Global Competitiveness Rankings report, Kenya has moved up four places in ranking to 102nd with its innovative capacity. The economy is largely supported by its financial markets, developed by international standards.

In Kenya, the ICT and mobile sectors have improved on average by over 20% annually over the last 10 years. The East African ICT sector continues to attract global attention as a potential driver of fundamental change more specifically within business process outsourcing.

With a global spotlight on East African business process outsourcing, The Kenya ICT Board is aiming to move the ICT sector forward with various key initiatives already in place. It is evident that opportunities in BPO and contact centres within the country are now in ideal condition to fully deliver on their promise.

The East Africa Outsourcing Summit will act as a platform for both existing and potential players in the out­sourcing space in East Africa to network and gain insight from the major outsourcing regions. With a focus on global trends to underpin what it takes to achieve the market penetration and recognition, Kenya needs to develop as an outsourcing hub, which will support the development of a strong information technology industry.

The strategic summit will explore the alignment of people, process and technology; offering insight into the solutions available to contact centres today, assisting companies in the negotiations and selecting the tools best suited to their needs. Attendees will be able to engage in interactive conference sessions and educational workshops designed for quality time and interaction with peers.

The East Africa Outsourcing Summit will be held in Nairobi from 5 to 6 June 2012. The event is hosted by international business-to-business conferencing company, Kinetic Events in proud partnership with the Kenyan ICT Board.

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