Halo infographic reveals massive stats

The Halo franchise has been one of the most successful video game series of all time, and as Halo creator Bungie closed support for the franchise’s statistics, the company released an infographic detailing all the accomplishments of the multiplayer aspect.

Halo creator Bungie closed support for the franchise’s statistics (image: Bungie)

“We have followed your careers with great interest here on Bungie.net, and you have gifted us a mountain of heroic moments to memorialize,” community manager DeeJ wrote. “It is with a sense of awe that we step back and admire the impact that you have had on our games, and upon our studio. Thanks for sharing your stories with us.”

The infographic revealed that since 2004, over 20 billion games of Halo have been played online, while that accounted for 235 000 years’ worth of gaming. Players were also responsible for over 136 billion deaths, which translates to approximately 6.8 kills per match.

Developer Bungie made their last Halo game with the release of Halo: Reach, after which the development was awarded to Microsoft’s 343 industries and will be published through Activision. The next game in the franchise, Halo 4, will be released later this year.

Charlie Fripp – Consumer tech editor

The infographic released by Bungie - click to enlarge (image: Bungie)