Friday, March 1, 2024
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Samsung enters Instant Messaging market

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Samsung today announced the release of ChatOn, an Instant Messaging (IM) service, available on iOS and BlackBerry.

Samsung release their own Instant Messaging service called ChatOn. (image:

Deon Liebenberg, Samsung SA Managing Director, says, “ChatOn is an ideal IM tool for the mobile device user who wants to stay instantly connected to colleagues, friends and family, irrespective of the mobile device or feature phone that they use at no cost. Opening up the application to various platforms to now include iOS and Blackberry in addition to Android and bada, allows consumers to experience a richer, more interactive communication application”.

Samsung ChatOn provides users with interactive features to share animated messages, photos and videos with friends, work calendars with colleagues and GPS co-ordinates. Liebenberg believes Samsung are in the ideal position to launch such a platform.

“At Samsung we are all about collaboration, especially from a content and development point of view and as such, it makes perfect business sense for us to open up our ChatOn application. This will not only expand the ChatOn user community, but to allow enhanced cost effective IM communication — something that our customers are asking for. We listened to the market — and an open ChatOn application is the result,” Liebenberg concludes.

Samsung ChatOn is available for download here.

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