Samsung Africa CEO outlines vision for Africa

At Samsung’s annual Africa Forum, held in Cape Town this year, Samsung Africa CEO KK Pak presented its vision for Africa.

Samsung’s KK Pak, CEO of Samsung Electronics Africa (image: Charlie Fripp)

“At our very first Africa Forum, in 2010, I announced the plan to grow our business in Africa to $10 billion by 2015, as measured by the sales of our partners — and today, I am pleased to announce that we are well on track to meet this objective. This year, not only will we continue to maintain growth in key regions, but we are also focused on targeting growth of 100% in West, East and Southern Africa,” Pak around 200 invited delegates.

He also announced that Samsung had become the most valued electronics brand in Africa, with over 800 partners across the continent.

“We expect to grow that to over a 1000 and we are here today to expand on the growth in Africa. Our goals are to build more products specifically for Africa and to start more initiatives.”

Pak noted that growth in Africa will focus on quality products and affordability.

“In order to produce quality and affordable products, we require a technology breakthrough. Products for Africa need to be superior in order to withstand the African conditions — they have to be durable, work efficiently and be reliable”. He also said the life-span of electronics in Africa are five times longer than on any other continent.

“We have to inspire the future of technology in Africa. We will soon witness the second breakthrough in technology in Africa with great products. We recently launched engineering academies in South Africa, Kenya and Nigeria, as we want to inspire future generations with Samsung.”

Pak went on to outline their collaboration strategy.

“We are committed to supporting Africa in business and in government, and are determined to make the future as inspiring as possible,” he concluded.

Charlie Fripp – Online editor


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