Lagos traffic takes Nigerian to New York

Gidi Traffic, Lagos motorists’ favourite traffic guide, received a nomination for a Shorty Award which honours the best short format content creators on Twitter.

Gidi Traffic helping Lagos' traffic in Nigeria via Twitter. (image: Traffic is one of 399 nominees for the “Life Saving Hero” award in the competition, with most nominees coming from the United States. Other entrants include New York’s Fire Department, actress Sophia Bush and US Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

Gidi Traffic started using Twitter in September last year to save Lagosians petrol, stress and commuting time on Lagos roads. Users can follow Gidi’s Twitter handle to find information on filling stations, the nearest hospitals and routes to avoid.

Gidi Traffic was invited to the March 26 award ceremony at The Time Centre in the Big Apple after receiving the most African nominations.

A spokesperson said: “Gidi Traffic is the only African [entrant] amongst the finalists in this category and we are proud to showcase a young and brilliant innovation from Nigeria. We see this as a huge opportunity to put Africa and Nigeria on the map for a positive cause.”

Segun Adekoye


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