“Nigeria is a fiercely competitive market”- Internet Solutions Nigeria CEO

March 16, 2012 • Events, Top Stories

IT News Africa will be taking its highly-successful Innovation Dinner across the continent, and one of the stops will be Lagos, Nigeria. The IT News Africa Innovation Dinner in Nigeria will be partly sponsored by Internet Solutions (IS), and is due to be held on 25 April 2012.

Steve Herridge is the CEO of Internet Solutions West Africa

The theme will explore the impact of connectivity on financial services and revenue management, something that Internet Solutions (IS) CEO Steve Herridge is all too familiar with. IS acquired Accelon in 2008, and if things go Herridge’s way, there will be future acquisitions.

“We are seeking appropriate opportunities to enhance our value proposition in the local market and provide better scale for the business.  It is very much a key part of IS’ 2016 strategy to create greater value and drive higher revenues and profits from Sub-Saharan Africa,” Herridge told IT News Africa.

The company has made many in-roads despite launching their Nigerian operations only in 2009.

“I believe that we have been very successful in creating a different view on service and service levels provided in the Nigerian market.  Nigeria is a fiercely competitive environment to trade in and at the moment price is everything,” he added.

“We strongly believe that quality and value will become a dominating requirement in the very near future and we are well positioned to react to this demand.”

While Nigeria is far removed from South Africa in terms of business models, IS still has a sound strategy to entrench itself in the country. “Besides the people and the unique culture of our Nigerian team, we have structured the business and processes in line with our other African business.  We are determined to create sustainable and consistent service for all our customers in all the countries that we are present,” Herridge said.

When pressed on his thoughts on the impact of technology on the Nigerian financial services industry, Herridge said “technology reduces costs for banks to serve customers, offers better control and governance, and provides better coverage and access to money and cash.

Charlie Fripp – Online editor



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