Indian company keen on Ugandan electricity sector

India’s Spanco revealed on Monday that they aim to move into Uganda’s electricity distribution sector.

Spanco Global CEO Pravin Kumar. (image:

Spanco, known for its call centre operations in India, also has operations in power, e-governance and systems integration, and hopes this move into Uganda will spur further African growth.

Spanco has entered into a joint venture with Mara Group in Uganda for the entire East Africa, in a bid to raise the Indian company’s profile in the continent. Mara already has a global presence, with operations in 17 countries on four continents, providing IT products and support.

According to Global CEO Pravin Kumar, the company is positive about its prospects in Africa.

“We have already been given the green light by the Nigerian government and our intention is to get to all these segments in Africa. We shall be extremely keen to step into these areas (Power, E-governance and BPO) in Uganda as well. If we can be granted the chance then we shall take it (power distribution) up,” Kumar said.

Joseph Mayton


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