Gamers do it in bed — Study

Two recent studies indicate that most mobile gaming takes place at home, often in bed.

Gamer in bed. (image:

Mocospace, a mobile entertainment site, discovered that 96% of the 15 000 users they surveyed play mobile games at home. Users played more games at home than when they were waiting for an appointment (82%), commuting (73%) and at work (64%).

These findings correlate mobile supplier Miniclip  and ad agency MoPub’s survey results announced on Wednesday.  When participants were only given one option, 44% said they played at home, 22% enjoyed games waiting in lines, 21% during their travels and 13% at restaurants.

However, the Mocospace survey found when respondents were only given one option, 53% of gamers said they played in bed versus 41% in the living room, 5% in the bathroom and 1% at the dining table.

In addition, Mocospace found 52% of users play more than one hour a day while 32% play more than three hours daily.

These numbers indicate mobile gaming is threatening the console gaming market as mobile and tablets players do not put time aside for their consoles.

MocoSpace co-founder and CEO Justin Siegel said in a press release, “Mobile gaming is not a companion to consoles, but rather it’s attacking them on their home turf”.

Miniclip infographic indicating their findings. (image:
Mocospace inforgraphic indicating their recent findings. (image:









Nico Gous