Thursday, February 22, 2024
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Chinese boost Sierra Leone media

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Chinese company StarTimes Communication Network Technology on Thursday said it wants to invest in Digital television to ultimately to offer all average Sierra Leoneans affordable access.

Charles Liu, StarTimes Vice President, wants every Sierra Leonean to have access to digital TV. (image:

Charles Liu, StarTimes Vice President, unveiled this during Sierra Leone Embassy officials’ visit to the StarTimes Headquarters in Beijing, China.

StarTimes, established in 1988, has comprehensive Digital Television penetration in eight African countries and hold influence over system integration, technology provision and network operations in China’s broadcasting and television industry.

Liu says StarTimes wants every African family to have access to an “afford digital TV set, to watch digital TV, to enjoy TV as well as share the beauty brought by Digital television”. The company strategy reflects his vision of providing digital transmission services for national and commercial radio via satellite communication technology and terrestrial DTV systems to operate pay TV, Mobile Multimedia System, wireless internet business and terminal product sales.

Segun Adekoye

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