AAPG president calls for maverick approach

Paul Weimer, American Association of Petroleum Geologists’ (AAPG) President, has called on experts and government in oil producing countries to invest in new technologies.

Paul Weimer, American Association of Petroleum Geologists' (AAPG) President, has called for a maverick approach to investing in new technologies in the oil production sectors. (image: file)

He emphasized a maverick approach was needed to achieve progress in the sector. Speaking at the Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists’ February technical session in Lagos, Weimer said countries who had leveraged unconventional methods were currently reaping the rewards.

Great benefits result from new technologies and any country who wants to profit from oil and gas exploration, and production, must consider investing in new technologies.

Weimer called on industry experts to continue sustaining their membership in the Nigerian Association of Petroleum Explorationists (NAPE) and AAPG, stressing that membership status would continue to inform them of global happenings.

Afe Mayowa, NAPE’s President, pointed out Nigeria’s need to improve their know-how as there were jobs on ground and most Nigerians lacked the capacity to handle them. He also urged the government to provide enabling environments for the country’s universities to excel.

Segun Adekoye