Warid Telecom launches sales portal

Mobile telecommunications company Warid Telecom announced the launch of their Warid Tijarat portal today. Providing service in Congo, Pakistan and Uganda, Warid’s new website enables users to buy and sell various items via their mobile phones.

Warid Telecom has launched their Warid Tijarat portal (image: Warid)

“Warid Tijarat helps bridge the gap between people with similar interests by allowing them to trade their goods and services with someone in the same city. One can sell/buy property, cars, mobile phones, electronics, find jobs and join book clubs and even buy tickets for local events and concerts through this portal,” the company said in a statement.

Available through SMS, WAP and the waridtijarat.waridtel.com websites, users have three options available. There’s the Basic, Premium and Business packages.

“The Basic Package is a weekly subscription based package with charges of Rs. 10 plus tax. Users will be allowed to sell up to three goods and services at one time, while they can buy unlimited goods and services, depending on their choice. The Business Package is Rs. 60, and to cater to Businesses and Retailers especially, while users will be allowed to buy and sell unlimited amounts of goods and services.”

Charlie Fripp – Online editor