Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Algerie Telecom Satellite and Eutelsat join hands

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Algerie Telecom Satellite (ATS) has signed two contracts with Eutelsat Communications. The deal concerns the Atlantic Bird 7 satellite launched by Eutelsat, pivotal to broadcasting and communication services.

The new Atlantic Bird 7 satellite, which was launched by Eutelsat (image:

The two 5-year contracts aims to expand Algeria’s mobile telephony services and government data networks.

It comes as the Algerian government announced their bid on the country’s first 3G network.

Analysts and customers are excited about the possibility of greater mobile internet access.

Algerie Telecom Satellite also expressed delight at expanding networks to rural Algeria and connecting local financial sectors.

Algeria’s government recently announced plans to bolster the local technology sector. These contracts seem to honouring these plans.

Ahmed al-Hilali

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