Airtel Kenya launches 3G network

February 28, 2012 • Mobile and Telecoms, Top Stories

Kenya’s telecom operator, Airtel, officially launched its 3G platform on Monday. Subscribers can expect faster browsing and mobile data Airtel said. Opposition operators seem worried as the Indian-based company’s deals are set to overtake the local market.

Shivan Bhargava, Airtel Kenya chief opearting officer, says their new 3G network should stir up the local competition. (image:

Alongside this new service, Airtel rolled out a new service allowing users access to video conferencing and videophone services previously unavailable on the 2.5G network the company was using.

The 3G launch has pushed Airtel to the forefront of the local telecom market, which already has seen Safaricom and Telkom Kenya move to 3G broadband over the past few years. Airtel hopes new service additions can boost their clientele and profits.

“The 3.75 platform we have launched allows customers to combine the enormous potential of the internet with the convenience of cellular phones and other mobile devices,” said Shivan Bhargava, Airtel Kenya chief operating officer, said on Monday.

Bhargava said that apart from corporate employees whose work often demands mobility, Airtel is also targeting small and medium-sized business with the new service.

Airtel’s 3G is initially available in Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, Kisumu, Eldoret and Naivasha at a speed of 21 mega bytes per second.

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2 Responses to Airtel Kenya launches 3G network

  1. Am in Nairobi and I can't access the 3G service or it does not work on a modem??

  2. William Onyango Munga says:

    How much does airtel charge this 3.75 G network and is it as fast as claimed?

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