Telecom Egypt announces new CEO

Egypt’s state-run telecommunications operator Telecom Egypt, announced late on Sunday that Tarek Abou Alam will take over as the company’s new chief executive and managing director.

Telecom Egypt announced that Tarek Abou Alam will take over as the company’s CEO (image: ITU)

The former Senior Vice-President will officially take up his post on 19 January, local state-run al-Ahram newspaper reported.

Mohammed Abdel Rehim, the landline’s current chief, will leave his current position on 18 January  as part of his retirement.

The move comes as TE workers have repeatedly demanded a change in leadership, following a series of strikes last fall over their frustration with the company’s board.

They accused the company of rampant corruption, which led to financial losses for the company as well as demanding higher salaries for the workers and revising the current massive salaries for the top company officials.

“It was part of the continued revolution efforts to get people better living standards and their demands have now been met,” said a lawyer with the Egyptian Center for Economic Rights, who told IT News Africa that the “change in leadership is, in our view, a direct result of the workers’ efforts.”

Despite the strike, services of the predominantly landline operation were largely unaffected.

Telecom Egypt is also looking to enter the mobile phone market and hopes to bid on the 4th mobile license in the country, which is to be launched later this year.

Desmond Shephard