Equitorial Guinea launches new telecom company

Equitorial Guinea has a new telecommunications company, as Guinea Ecuatorial Comunicaciones Sociedad Anonima (GECOMSA) aims to increase the country’s growing telecom needs.

Equitorial Guinea has a new telecommunications company (image: stock.xchng)

According to a statement from the newly launched operator, the “effort by the government to overcome the sector’s limitations” was the main reason the operator was launched.

Currently, the country has two telecom operators, GETESA and Hits.

During the launch of GECOMSA, Maria del Mar Bindang Eneme, GECOMSA Director, said that the telecommunications company’s main goal was to improve and guarantee mobile telecommunications as well as Internet services for its subscribers.

“GECOMSA is a great addition to Equatorial Guinea’s telecommunications sector as we have experienced some shortcomings,” said President Obiang Nguema Mbasogo. “It will expand and improve our communications’ reach and take us to a new level of telecommunications.”

GECOMSA is a joint venture between the government of Equatorial Guinea, which has a 51 percent stake, and China, with 49 percent.

David Eto