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BioShock 2 coming to Mac in January

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Feral Interactive has announced that the genetically enhanced role-playing shooter BioShock 2 will be released for the Mac in January 2012.

A screenshot from BioShock 2 (image: 2K Games)

The game provides fans with an unsettling storyline, dazzling visual design and the evolution of BioShock’s genetically enhanced shooter gameplay.

Set almost a decade after a cruel civil war consumed the once magnificent city of Rapture, evil reverberates through its halls and a wickedness once thought gone forever returns along the Atlantic seaboard.

“BioShock 2 shows Rapture in a completely new light,” said David Stephen, Managing Director of Feral Interactive. “By allowing players to be a Big Daddy, it explores the emotional consequences of the Rapture project.”

An unspeakable series of kidnappings from local seaside communities by an unseen monster leads to the repopulation of Little Sisters in Rapture’s failed utopia under the ocean. Players must step into the boots of one of gaming’s most iconic characters, the Big Daddy, as they traverse through the fallen city, fending off attacks from an army of genetically modified Splicers, while searching for escape and the key to their survival.

The Mac edition of BioShock 2 will also include an entirely separate multiplayer game, The Fall of Rapture, set prior to the original BioShock. Players will take on the role of mutated test subjects for the opportunistic plasmid manufacturer Sinclair Solutions, and engage in the civil war that tore Rapture apart.

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